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The Malta Gambling Authority is one of the most important international bodies and has over 27 licenses in Malta, in accordance with the provisions of the law entered into force on August 9, 2018, known as the name of "decree .
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How to place bets online?

In recent years, the occurrence of fantasy sports repeatedly has led to a revival that has led to traditional sports betting. The anti-stigma game that faded for decades in American popular culture has opened the door to billions of dollars in the opening of the sports betting industry. ( Read tips below )

The Supreme Court established the rule in the New Jersey sporting event of the legalization of bets, millions of sports fans will try to enter the betting market for the first team. But where to start?

Here is an introduction on how to bet on sports. We will add this series in the coming weeks.


If the punters release (that is, open) the game line, the first thing is to decide which team should not be the favorites and the weakest. The favorite to win is the team that is expected to play, while the weak expected is loose. If the game is to launch, the books will open as a selection or Pick’em.


There are two different ways to bet on the favorite or the helpless. The first is the difference in points. This is based on revealing which equipment. A favorite point, while the loser gets points. For example, they say that the Patriots are favored 7 points (-7) against airplanes.

If you bet on Patriots who play the game with 8 points or more, they must win for you to win the bet. If the Patriots win by 8 points or more, what coverage. If the 7-point Patriots win exactly, it is called the push, which means they originally have the money wagered. If the Patriots win 6 points or less (or the direct game), the bet is lost.

On the other hand, if you bet Jets “plus” (7), you need the Jets to win the game to win both cases and lose six points or less for you (or cover) your bet.

The spreads are for all available sports, but are mainly used in football and basketball bets.


The second way to bet on the favorite or helpless in the money line is at. This is based exclusively on the team that wins the game. Favorites are given a denomination less than -150, -200 and -500. When a favorite is -200, which means that you run the risk of $ 200 to $ 100 if you win a favorite for the victory, get $ 100, but if you prefer, October will be $ 200 to win the favorites, it is assumed that risk betting on them.

Prediction favors are given plus the designation: like 150, 200 or 500. When the loser has 200, which means that if he bets $ 100 and wins the game, he will get $ 200 when he loses. Only the game lost $ 100 risky. Since you are expected to lose, there is more than one prize for betting.

Money Lines is available for all sports, but it is mainly used in baseball, hockey and soccer betting.


In addition to establishing the line for the favorite and the loser in the game, punters can complete the number of offer points (two teams) reached. This is called total or more / less. The punters then if the game can bet more or less than the total.

For example, the NBA game between the Celtics and the Bulls was a total of 215 that needs more than 215 or 215 that could bet next if it is achieved in the bet at 215 and the total points to be late 216 or more , win the bet, If the total points scored in 214 or less, you lose.


Gamblers Define the tax on each bet, usually called juice, carry or VIG (abbreviation of vigor). Squeeze the commission you have to pay to bookmakers to accept the bet for them. They say that the Duke Blue Devils are -5 (-110) … This means that if you bet on Duke you will have my 5 favorite points, $ 110 risk of winning $ 100.

The juice can only be a positive number, and Penn State can be -7 (110). This means that if you bet on Penn State as a 7-point favorite and cover $ 100 to win $ 110 If you lose, you only lose $ 100 risky.


With sports betting legally transmitted throughout the United States, sports bettors have never had the opportunity to use. To see if sports bets are good where you live, check our state responsible for the state.


In the end, you have the last word about the level of risk in a game, but a good risk rule is just what you can afford to lose. Sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint. There are good days and bad days. As a result, a flat betting approach is recommended.

That is, the same amount bets on each game and runs only 1% and 5% of its funds for risks (the bank is starting to bet the available amount). For example, if you start with a budget of $ 100, you should not risk more than $ 5 per game. Flat gamblers are committed to a protection approach against bad radius During the loss of entire banks, but also a positive return on investment (ROI) if they do well.


The speeds are those that appear on the board to the left of the team. The number of the known Vegas number or identification is, therefore, of the NSS. They are unique to the team, the sport and the championship, and the most universal in bookmakers. For example, you can see the number “312” in addition to Bruins -120. If you are in a casino and want to bet $ 100 on the Bruins, let’s say you walk to the window with your money and. $ 100 to 312-120 Bruins’.


In the search for shares on Wall Street, the sports betting market is liquid. Throughout the day, bookmakers have possibilities to adjust based on the action this and other messages are taking, color: such as injuries and time. For example, if the Vikings opened the 7 favorite points and the vast majority of bets on the Vikings, it is possible to see the line of the Vikings that goes from -7 to -7.5. It could continue moving on the line to -8, or it could buy back at -7.

You can monitor (download here) bets for each of the game data in real time, in our live bets or in our mobile application.


The lines may vary because different books have different customers depending on the manufacturer. Consequently, the book with the Cavs can publish -8, while another is -7.5. Access to more than one bookmaker allows you to buy the best line. Additional does not seem to help point out, as a great offer, but it adds in the long run and increases the chances of winning.

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